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Greetings from the Crossing (April 20, 2018)

It appears that Spring has finally sprung – just in time for Earth Day!  As we all enjoy the gift of this amazing Earth that we have been given, we are also invited to reflect on how we can live more intentionally to make every day Earth Day.  Elia Delio is a scientist and theologian whose life work is about helping us understand the interconnections between science and Christianity.  Pope Francis has quoted her question inviting us to a paradigm change:

“We’re reaching a fork in the road; two paths are diverging on planet Earth, and the one we choose will make all the difference for the life of the planet.  Shall we continue our medieval religious practices in a medieval paradigm and mechanistic culture and undergo extinction?  Or shall we wake up to this dynamic, evolutionary universe and the rise of consciousness toward an integral wholeness?”

We will be reflecting on her insights about the intersectionality of science and religion at Vespers this Sunday – please join us!

Check out the announcements below – we especially invite you to drop in at 3 pm or 3:30 pm on Tuesday, April 24th for the Morgridge Center Day of Service Race and Faith event.  Meanwhile, have a wonderful weekend enjoying SPRING!


Crossing Calendar

Check our calendar or our Facebook page. Some of our activities (Bible Studies, service outings . . . ) are still being scheduled, so watch for more information in this message, on Facebook, on our website, or at Sunday Vespers.

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Crossing Shout Outs . . .

Meets Sundays at 5 pm
Followed by a FREE meal for students



Food Recovery Meals at The Crossing
Come early before all the food is gone!
Tuesdays Noon – 1 pm:  The Crossing is partnering with the Food Recovery Network Student Org to serve free lunches to students with food leftover from dorm dining halls. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING to help set up or clean up, contact  Andi.and Hope
Select Thursdays, 6-7 pm (April 5, 19, and May 3):  Food Recovery Network and Campus Kitchens Project are partnering to serve this dinner using food leftover from dorm dining halls.

Morgridge Center Day of Service April 24th
Race and Faith 2018 
(at The Crossing)
3:00 pm and 3:30 pm

The Crossing will host this Morgridge Center Day of Service event on April 24th. Come for one of both showings of the 15 minute Race and Faith 2018 film which shares interviews and artwork of the UW-Madison community.  An interfaith group of campus ministries and the Multicultural Center invited artists Claire Marie Embil and Kara Gacovino to facilitate Race & Faith creative events in early March. Claire provided artwork visuals as prompts for people to reflect on  (which will be available to view on April 24th), and Kara put it all together in a video.  After viewing the video, you are invited to create your own artwork, if you wish.  Come alone or with friends to view the video and reflect on the intersection of race and faith – and how you feel called to be of service.

Weekly Small Groups:
Bible Study on Wednesdays 5:45-6:45 pm, begins Feb. 21
Art N’ Unwind Thursdays 7-8 pm
Meditation Circle Tuesdays 4:3-5:30 pm
Queer Students of Faith –,meets every other Thursday 7:30 -8:3- pm at the LGBT Campus Center (next meeting May 3rd)

Community Shout Outs . . .

All Campus Day of Service – April 24th
For more information on opportunities go to the Morgridge Center website.

Appalachia Service Project Mission Trip
July 14, 2018-July 22, 2018 to Jonesville, Virginia
Cost is $400 (with plans for summer fundraisers)
If you are interested in this, contact Breanna for more information. This trip is sponsored by First United Methodist Church

Postracial Blues with Dr. J. Kameron Carter
Saturday April 21 at First United Methodist Church 9 am – 2:30 pm
J. Kameron Carter is an Associate Professor of Theology and Black Church Studies at Duke University Divinity School. In a time when we can ill afford not to listen, Carter offers us a new way to engage race, theology, and our experience of the sacred.
Register here (by April 16 if you want lunch).
Students w/o lunch – $10; Students with lunch – $20

Center for Religion and Global Citizenry 2018-19 Fellows Program accepting applications
The CRGC Interfaith Fellows Program trains up to twelve undergraduate students to become more knowledgeable about different religious traditions and more skilled at communicating with people from other religious backgrounds. We want to equip our Fellows so that they can play an important part in working out the mechanics of religious pluralism and interfaith discourse within civil society and on campus.  For more information on the CRGC, feel free to visit our website.  The application for the Fellowship (due Sunday, April 29th) can be found here. Each student selected will receive a stipend of $750.00 for the year.

Slow Food UW (held in lower level of Crossing building)
Monday 6:30 pm Family Dinner Night
Wednesday Cafe
Workshops and other opportunities

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